KOREDOKO is an ongoing project about object-making by Brian Dinh.

Founded in 2020, this project explores a design language built off lofty and exaggerated forms. The expansion of form by way of apparel, addresses the nature of men's & women's wear from the capabilities to dress oneself. What looks laborious is actually quite simple to put on. When considering the context of clothing for men and women, the designs are approached with a feminine facade, but include the relative simplicity of menswear. 

It operates as a made-to-order or pre-order system to promote sustainable practices which will cycle out designs in various materials, color-ways before archiving. 

Ultimately as a DIY byproduct, this project is meant to express a deep desire to prioritize birthing of creation. As it stands today, KD is a seasonless women's wear brand, made-to-order in Los Angeles—originally forged as homesewn operation.